The Mobile Phone Industry is already considered a giant worldwide – and persistent demand suggests that it’ll continue to grow even more.

Most websites are incompatible with Mobile Phones. They are very difficult to browse and slow to load.

Failure to provide users a comfortable mobile experience could lead to wasted opportunities and potential customers.

Not only do mobile users far outnumber PC Users, but mobile users are also three times more likely to make a purchase than PC Users.

In a recent OFCOM Survey, it was established that almost 40 percent of adults and a staggering 60% of teenagers admitted to being addicted to Mobile Phones.

In just a short period, Mobile Phones already lay claim to more than half of Internet connections.

The average Mobile Phone user prefers to use Mobile Phones over computers when at home.

Compared to PC Users, Mobile Phone Users are more prone to taking immediate action, such as completing a transaction, visiting the business establishment, personally trying out the products for a test, etc.


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